My First Book

Another good question posed by Penguin Books Australia on Facebook to celebrate International Literacy Day: What is the first book you remember readingmy first book

I don’t remember my first book, but it must have been a Sooty or Joe 90 Annual (I still have the former, but sadly the latter has long since gone missing).

I lived with my grandparents as a kid and they had kept my father’s Film Fun Annuals from the 1940s. I recall reading the comic-book style stories about Laurel and Hardy, and Abbott and Costello et al.

As for “chapter books”, I read my father’s Biggles’ adventure stories (“Chocks away, Algy!”) and I loved reading Enid Blyton‘s Secret Seven and Famous Five series.

In fact, Enid Blyton’s books inspired me to write (and illustrate!) my own adventure book as a ten year old: Sand Island!

So while I don’t remember the first book I read, I do remember the first book I wrote, 45 years ago! What about you?

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