Sweeties by Leon Silver

I reviewed Sweeties by Leon Silver for the NSW Writers’ Centre in May 2017. Its stream-of-consciousness narrative and flowing prose reminded me of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road.sweeties-by-leon-silver.jpg

One “ordinary Monday morning”, the stories protagonist, 67-year-old Abel Marvin, suffers a heart attack while swimming his regular laps. But before death takes Abel, the spirit of a white-clad nurse appears and announces: “You can’t exit yet, mate, have you given a full account of yourself?” and the book proceeds in dreamlike fashion to replay the key events his life.

When I finished Sweeties, I turned to the back cover and learned Abel was in a coma in the book. Reading the narrative I had imagined Abel’s life flashing before his eyes as he neared death in the pool; nonetheless, either scenario works for me.

I enjoyed reading and reviewing Sweeties and some nights, after reading the book at bedtime, it had me reliving my own life in my dreams!

Have you ever read a book that’s had you relive your life in your dreams, like Sweeties did for me?

© 2017 Robert Fairhead