A middle-aged dad and dog owner, I am an editor and a writer for, an online magazine, blog and forum for writers, readers and publishers. profile - tallandtrue-toddler-in-england.jpeg

I was born in England and came to Australia when I was two-years-old, exchanging my warm winter duffle coat for shorts and singlet. Although a naturalised Australian and passport holder, I have not renounced my British Citizenship and hence I cannot stand for the Australian Federal Parliament. (Google “dual citizenship Australian parliament” if you don’t get the reference.)

I live life by the “One Commandment” – it makes the other nine seem superfluous:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

I enjoy reading and writing (fiction, nonfiction and reviews), playing the guitar (though seldom find time to practise), riding my bike, swimming laps, watching Aussie Rules football (go Sydney Swans!), and most of all, walking my dog and being a dad.

I have had a varied career, as an electrician, sales and marketing rep, computer programmer, cleaner, dog trainer and wanna-be writer. I also had a one-night stand as a stand-up comic!

Despite my hectic lifestyle, I am available for writing assignments, blog and website design, public speaking and MCing, as well as consulting on social media and MailChimp marketing campaigns – I can even help you train your dog!

You can browse (and hopefully enjoy) my writing on this website or by visiting You can also view my posts and tweets on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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