Profile of a middle-aged dad & dog owner


Profile of a middle-aged dad and dog owner, Robert Fairhead
As well as blogging on, I am an editor and a writer at, an online magazine, blog and forum for writers, readers and publishers.
An English toddler - Robert Fairhead

Born in England, my family migrated to Australia when I was two-years-old, where I swapped my warm winter duffle coat for running about the bush barefoot in shorts and a singlet.

Although a naturalised Australian and passport holder, I have not renounced my British Citizenship and hence I cannot stand for the Australian Federal Parliament. (Google “dual citizenship Australian parliament” for the reference.)

My philosophy on life is simple and based on the “One Commandment”:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

See, it makes the other nine commandments a waste of stone!

My favourite hobbies are reading and writing, walking my dog, and watching the Aussie Rules football team, the Sydney Swans, with my teenage son. 

Highlights of my brilliant career include stints as an electrician, sales and marketing rep, computer programmer, cleaner, dog trainer, and writer and reviewer. I also had a one-night stand as a stand-up comic!

I am available for creative and technical writing assignments, including copywriting services. I can produce SEO compliant copy for websites, brochures, articles, newsletters and blog posts.

And, as a side note, I can even help you train your dog!

I hope you enjoy reading the posts and writing — fiction, nonfiction and reviews — on my blog and at You can also read my posts and tweets on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



Welcome to the blog posts and selected writing of a middle-aged dad and dog owner. Among other things, Robert is an editor and writer at Tall And True, an online magazine, blog and forum for writers, readers and publishers. Share and showcase your writing —​ fiction, nonfiction and reviews — on