Can I Pat That Dog?

Can I Pat That Dog?

When my son was a five-year-old, I gave a talk at his child care centre called, Can I Pat That Dog? I based the talk on a book of the same title written by Susan McLaine and Karen Damiani and illustrated by Margaret Power (Angus and Robertson 2004). And though it’s over ten years since that child care centre visit (and my “little boy” is now a sixteen-year-old who towers over me!), I still highly recommend the book. Continue ReadingCan I Pat That Dog?

Three Visits to Dahab (Egypt)

Michelin Map - Dahab, Egypt

Is it wrong to want our favourite places to stay the same? Probably. It is over twenty years since I last visited Dahab. I have read tourists still flock there from all over the world. Aspects of Dahab’s villages and surrounds must have changed beyond recognition for this “old timer”. Of one thing I am sure, the sunrises and sunsets at Dahab will still be stunning! Continue ReadingThree Visits to Dahab (Egypt)

Thanks, Ian St James Awards

Ian St James Awards

In their heyday, the Ian St James Awards offered the biggest fiction prize in the UK and Ireland for unpublished writers. I submitted several short stories to the awards from 1992 to 1995. None were finalists, let alone winners, but the critiques provided by the judges inspired me to keep writing! Continue ReadingThanks, Ian St James Awards