Episode 88 (29 February 2024): While sorting through storage boxes at home, I found an old notebook belonging to my son. It wasn’t a school exercise book but something he’d jotted and doodled in as a twelve-year-old. Among its random pages was a short story he’d written in 2014 about a father who doesn’t have “great ideas”.

Trigger warning: This episode mentions teenage self-harm and death. Lifeline Australia: 13 11 14.

I wrote the Finding Inspiration blog post in February-March 2022, eight years after my son wrote his short story about a father who doesn’t have great ideas:

Many people have great ideas. My father, however, is not one of them. He is always inventing things to help us be safe that are stupid. Of his many stupid ideas, most of them have hurt us. For instance, when I was one, he made a diaper-changing machine that nearly suffocated me by putting a diaper over my face. This is my life.

As I stressed in the blog post and podcast episode, my son’s story is entirely fictional because I had great ideas as a father in 2014 and still do today. And I’ve never made a diaper-changing machine, though that is an idea worth pursuing!

However, after reading the story, I reflected on the inspirations for my early creative writing and shared them in the Finding Inspirations blog post.

Memories and Inspiration

I’ve kept many mementos and journals from my son’s childhood and before I became a father. Some of these have inspired my writings on Tall And True and podcast episodes on Tall And True Short Reads. For instance, uncovering old theatre programs led to episode 78Taking a Bow, and my travel journals inspired episodes 60Kurd Friends in the Mountains, and 69 and 70Two Visits to the Berlin Wall – Parts One and Two.

While my now twenty-something son rarely accuses me of having “stupid ideas”, he says I’m a hoarder. Perhaps he’s right. But as I observed in the Story Insight for this podcast episode, I’d counter that I’m hoarding memories and inspiration!

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More Inspiration

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