​When I launched Tall And True Short Reads in 2020, I called it an “audio fiction podcast”.

But in my introduction to Season Three in September 2022, I observed how I’d realised I was producing storytelling episodes, whether based on short stories or blog posts, fiction or nonfiction, or tall and true tales:

In Season Three, I released 19 episodes featuring short stories, blog posts and other writing about my dogs, travels, and memoir pieces, including a multi-part travel memoir instalment on my two visits to the Berlin Wall in 1987 and 1995:

As I did for Seasons One and Two, every short story, blog post, memoir and travel writing episode featured a bonus section, my writer’s insight into when, why and how I wrote the piece.

Introducing Season Four

Season Four also starts with a multi-part episode, a longer short story I wrote for The Big Issue Fiction Edition in June 2023 and shared on the Tall And True writers’ website, Some Things Change.

It consists of three vignettes, set in different locations and times but with a common thread: two protagonists, a pair of cousins from Perth, Western Australia, exploring Australia’s troubled history and relationship with Indigenous peoples:

While the story draws on elements of autofiction from my life, growing up in Perth and living in England, it’s mostly imagination, inspired by my involvement in the Indigenous Voice to Parliament Referendum campaign, as I shared in an October 2023 blog post

But, the parts about Indigenous Australians are factual, as objective reading and research will confirm, as were my hopes for the Referendum.

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Tell Your Family and Friends

I hope listeners continue to enjoy the storytelling and writer’s insight format of Tall And True Short Reads. You can stream episodes from all four seasons from the podcast website and Acast. Or follow and listen to Tall And True Short Reads via your favourite podcast app, including:

And finally, as I say at the end of each episode, please support the podcast and my writing by telling your family and friends about Tall And True Short Reads and the Tall And True writers’ website.

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N.B. You might like to read my earlier podcast blog posts, Introducing Tall And True Short Reads, Season Two and Season Three.

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